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A Whole New Animal

“This is octopus fishing in Spain on the Galician coast. There were a ton of boats, and apparently, it’s pretty sustainable.” Corey Arnold
“That’s Brian, my engineer, again, pondering on the Rollo. Traveling to and from the grounds, it’s often 24 hours or more just to get where we’re going to fish. There’s always a lot of down time. A lot of hurry up and wait.” Corey Arnold
“I was exploring Lost Lake, Oregon, with some friends, and talked my friend in running across melting lake ice in his birthday suit. He is a world class mountain guide so it captured a bit of his spirit.” Corey Arnold
“This was shot on Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. I would get really close to these birds, then move the camera a little bit and they’d jump up and snap...” Corey Arnold

A Whole New Animal

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