Rufous Hummingbird. Frank Leung/Getty

Celebrate Hummingbirds

Learn more about these birds and how you can help them.


Hummingbirds at Home

How to Create a Hummingbird-Friendly Yard

A little water, a few flowers, and a few perches will bring these tiny dynamos to visit.

How to Keep Your Hummingbird Feeder Free from Pests

A few small steps can protect your nectar from bears and insects.
Hummingbirds at Home

Hummingbirds Are at Home When We Plant Native Plants

A new study on Audubon’s Hummingbirds at Home program shows the importance of community science and native plants.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Take Exquisite Hummingbird Photos

Hummingbirds are excellent subjects for simple or high-tech techniques. Follow these pro tips for capturing the speedy birds in flight and at rest.

When to Expect Hummingbirds in Your Yard This Spring

Flowers are beginning to bloom, and hummingbirds are starting to return from their southern winter sojourns. Here’s a regional guide for when they should arrive and the food they’re seeking.

New Research Shows Hummingbirds Need Exceptional Brains to Hover

Moving in all directions requires some serious brainpower.


Rufous Hummingbird
Hummingbirds at Home

Start Helping Hummingbirds Now

Download Audubon’s Hummingbirds at Home app to record your hummingbird sightings and help protect them now and into the future.

Share the Buzz About Hummingbirds

Send these ecards to your friends and family and share your love for hummingbirds.
Bald Eagles

Join Our Climate Community

Climate change is the number one threat to North American birds. You can make a difference here.


Birds of America

What Mr. Audubon Thought of Hummingbirds

Descriptions of these nectar-sipping birds, written in an 1800s mindset.
Audubon Adventures

Hooray for Hummingbirds

Dive into the world of hummingbirds with these family-friendly games, quizzes, and puzzles.
Climate-Threatened Birds

How Climate Change Threatens Hummingbirds

By 2080, four species of hummingbirds will likely be forced north thanks to warming temperatures.

How to Make Hummingbird Nectar

In a few easy steps, you can bring these nectar-loving birds to your feeder.
Audubon Mural Project

Black-chinned Hummingbird by Ashli Sisk

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