Audubon MagazineJanuary-February 2008


Smoke on the Water: Stopping a Coal-fired Power Plant in Arkansas

Nationwide, coal-fired power plants appear to be on the way out. But in southwest Arkansas—next to some of the finest fish and wildlife habitat anywhere—one may be on the way in.

On the Edge

Wolverines, long admired for their ferocity and canniness, are so elusive that few people have even seen one. Now biologists are racing to find them before trappers do.

Let’s Make a Deal

By Susan McGrath
September 01, 2011 — With a signature and a handshake, an innovative legal tool is allaying private landowners’ fears of one of the nation’s most powerful environmental laws to create critical wildlife habitat.

A Rose is Not a Rose

By Charles Bergman
September 01, 2011 — Long the symbol of love, irresistible desire, and ephemeral beauty, the prickliest of flowers has never been so popular, so lucrative–or so toxic for the environment.

Counting the Wings

By Julie Leibach
September 01, 2011 — Charley Harper perfected an inimitable style that celebrated nature's colorful purity. Now designer Todd Oldham, in an excerpt from his new book, talks about his friendship with Harper and about the artist's work.

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