Reimagining the Peregrine Falcon

Contemporary artist Eric Nyquist captures the carnage of a peregrine feast.

Los Angeles illustrator Eric Nyquist says he uses classical methods—etching, lithography, and printmaking—to create contemporary art that merges organic and industrial elements. He chose to hand-draw this illustration and complete it on a computer. “I stepped outside my wheelhouse,” he says, leaving some of the birds unfinished, though he retained his trademark strong use of color and fluidity. John James Audubon likewise used rich hues and movement in his portrayal of Peregrine Falcons, which he created in stages over several years. With his usual flair, Audubon wrote, “Look at these two pirates eating their déjeuner à la fourchette, as it were, congratulating each other on the savouriness of the food in their grasp. One might think them epicures, but they are in fact gluttons.” Taking a cue from Audubon’s account, Nyquist says he aimed to create an “apocalyptic” scene.