Working Lands

Marshall Johnson, center, and Kay Cornelius meet with Panorama rancher Dave Hutchinson on his Nebraska ranch. Wyatt DeVries

Of Burgers and Birds: A Partnership That Nearly Doubles Audubon's Impact on Ranches across the Country

— Audubon Conservation Ranching teams up with Panorama Organic Meats to Bring Grassland Birds Back

National Audubon Society Announces Largest Market-Based Regenerative Grasslands Partnership in the U.S.

— Partnership with Panorama Organic Grass-Fed Meats will restore habitat, combat climate change on one million acres of working ranchland.
Western Meadowlark. Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies

Bird Friendliness Index Shows Audubon Conservation Ranching is Bringing Grassland Birds Back

— Populations show a jump of more than a third in some areas.

Innovative Bill Would Promote Regenerative Ranching in California

— Audubon-sponsored bill encourages ranching practices that restore grasslands and sequester carbon.
Greater Sage-Grouse. Evan Barrientos/Audubon

President Trump Visits Colorado as his Policies Wreak Havoc on Public Lands

— This Administration prioritizes energy leasing over sound management of the sagebrush ecosystem.

Video: Watch (and Hear) Two Bitterns Getting Weird in a Rice Field

— Mindful conservation on California rice farms creates homes for wetland birds, while also providing a rare chance to study them.

Celebrating Sagebrush: The West's Most Important Native Plant

— Covering 165 million acres across 14 states, sagebrush country is home to more wildlife—and people—than you might realize.
Illustration: Meryl Rowin

In Mexico, Grassland Birds and Ranching Can Coexist — with Mauricio de la Maza

— "That’s how everything kind of melds together: birds, habitat, water, the people, and economics."
Upland Sandpiper, Blackleg Ranch, North Dakota, 17,000 acres enrolled in the Audubon Conservation Ranching Initiative. Lucy Britton/Audubon Dakota

What in the World is Conservation Ranching?

— Your guide to Audubon's program to make cattle ranching prairie- and bird-friendly

For Consumers and Conservationists: FAQs on Conservation Ranching

— Learn more about what conservation ranching is, and why it can be good for birds and the environment