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Snowy Owl Invasion

An owl hunting in the swale at Breezy Point, New York. Photo: Francois Portmann
It's time to start hunting in Breezy Point, New York. "This snowy is probably the biggest I’ve photographed this winter," says the photographer. "Just the head is about the size of a soccer ball." Photo: Francois Portmann
This image was taken in in Arverne in the Rockaways, New York. "I always love the contrast between the two worlds when possible," writes the photographer. Photo: Francois Portmann
This bird is hunting at Breezy Point, New York in strong wind. "It's surprising to see these huge birds perched on thin branches; it shows how light they really are," writes Portmann. Photo: Francois Portmann


A photographer captures this elusive bird's visit to the lower 48.


This owl spent the day in the piping plovers nesting ground at Arverne Beach, New York. Well hidden in the dried stalks and grass, people walked by on the boardwalk and the water’s edge, completely unaware.


Photo: Photograph by Francois Portmann
It's hunting time again at Arverne, New York. The photographer took most of his pictures of the owls within last or first hour of daylight. That's when they are more active, their eyes open. Photo: Francois Portmann
This was the photographer's first snowy owl of the season, found with the help of these harassing crows at Fort Tilden in New York. Photo: Francois Portmann
This snowy in Fort Tilden, New York flies away from harassing crows. Photo: Francois Portmann
This owl in Breezy Point, New York settled in John F. Kennedy Airport's shadow. Photo: Francois Portmann
This owl alights at Breezy Point, with the Manhattan skyline lit by the sunset glow in the background. Photo: Francois Portmann
This owl at Breezy Point, New York had what looks like a long-tailed duck in its talons. In "normal winters,” snowy owl move north rather than south to hunt eiders at water holes in the Arctic ice. Photo: Francois Portmann
"Hunting at Arverne, New York, this owl dropped in the snow near me," writes the photographer. "At first I thought she had caught something." Photo: Francois Portmann

Snowy Owl Invasion

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