The 2023 Audubon Photography Awards: The Top 100

Revel in the staggering beauty and surprising behaviors featured in this gallery of our favorite images. Also check out the story behind each shot.

Another year, another fantastic Audubon Photography Awards. For the 14 installment of our annual competition, we had more than 2,200 individuals from across the United States and Canada submit almost 9,000 photographs and videos. Then the hard part began: After reviewing every anonymous image and video file, three panels of expert judges selected just 13 winners and honorable mentions. Be sure to check them out if you haven't already. 

But as always, with so many amazing submissions, we couldn't stop there. So here are 100 more of our favorite photos for your enjoyment. Shared in no particular order, these shots show birds from around the world in all of their breathtaking variety and wonder. The images also illustrate the many different techniques and approaches used by wildlife photographers, which you can read about in the detailed “behind the shot” stories for each photograph.

After perusing this gallery, you might feel inspired to pick up a camera and try your own hand at avian photography. If so, our photography section is a good place to get started. There you'll find articles covering tips and how-to's, Audubon's ethical guidelines for wildlife photography, and gear recommendations. And if you end up capturing one or more images you're especially pleased with, consider entering next year's awards!