A collage of the following birds. Photos from left: Atlantic Puffin, Shane Kalyn/Audubon Photography Awards/2023 Professional Award Winner; White-tailed Kites, Jack Zhi/Audubon Photography Awards/2022 Grand Prize Winner; Anna's Hummingbird, Patrick Coughl
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A tawny female North Cardinal faces the camera, head cocked, while taking a bath, its red wings extended upward as droplets of water surround the bird and fill the frame. The water below reflects the bird’s body and the droplets.
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The original image shows detailed texture of 2 pigeons’ feathers as they preen. The Ai image is similar, but vivid details are missing.
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A round globular nest made of twigs and dry grasses with a hole for entry built in a cactus in a desert landscape.
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