An Osprey perches on a bare branch against a blue sky background, looking to the left with its yellow eye.
Birders, Consider a Bridge Camera
July 15, 2024 — A field biologist explains how a superzoom camera can enhance your birding experience without weighing it down.
Thick tree branches covered with cascading moss overlap across the frame, a Limpkin standing in the center.
Zoom Out: Tips for Photographing Birds in their Landscapes
July 02, 2024 — Put down the telephoto lens, and you might just enhance your art.
Audubon Announces 2024 Audubon Photography Awards Winners
June 20, 2024 — Premiere North American bird photography competition awards new Birds in Landscapes Prize.
The 2024 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions
June 20, 2024 — Mating, fighting, dive-bombing for food: This year's prize-winning images and videos are packed with avian action—now, in even more categories.
Black and white image of three distant Whooping Cranes in a field.
These Historic Photos Show the Groundbreaking Campaign to Save the Last Whooping Cranes
May 22, 2024 — Seventy years after Audubon ornithologist Robert Porter Allen’s efforts led to the discovery of the cranes’ mysterious nesting grounds, we unearthed images of his trailblazing conservation work.
A collage of the following birds. Photos from left: Atlantic Puffin, Shane Kalyn/Audubon Photography Awards/2023 Professional Award Winner; White-tailed Kites, Jack Zhi/Audubon Photography Awards/2022 Grand Prize Winner; Anna's Hummingbird, Patrick Coughl
How to Capture Photos That Will Catch the Audubon Photography Awards Judges' Attention
February 16, 2024 — We spoke with Audubon Photography Awards judge Morgan Heim about what it takes to wow the judges in the competition.
How to Choose a Photography Workshop that Respects and Protects Birds
February 02, 2024 — These tips can help you get great pictures and keep the birds you love safe with a guide or group.
2024 Audubon Photography Awards Open for Entries with New Birds in Landscapes Prize
January 10, 2024 — The North American photography and video contest is accepting entries until February 28, 2024.
Two downy, white-and-gray Barred Owl chicks sit on top of a brick chimney, exquisitely framed by the rust-red metal cap that covers it. The owlets’ large black eyes peer out from their white, heart-shaped faces.
Cuddle up With These Ridiculously Cute Baby Bird Photos
December 19, 2023 — Our favorite chick pics from the 2023 Audubon Photography Awards feature familiar and secretive species at peak charm.