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Arctic Refuge Faces Setback from Tax Bill, but the Fight Continues

The passage of the tax bill in December represented a setback in the decades-long fight to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by opening its coastal plain to potential drilling. But, drilling is far from a done deal. Audubon and partner conservation groups will continue to vigorously oppose drilling in this vital bird nursery every step of the way.

In the coming years, we will remain vigilant and exert public pressure to prevent drilling and restore legal protections for the Arctic Refuge.

Sign our pledge to join us in this fight to keep the Arctic Refuge free from drilling. We won’t give up, and we hope you will be with us as we continue to fight for the birds and other wildlife that call the Arctic Refuge home. Sign the pledge now to be a part of this historic effort, and we will keep you updated on ways to be a part of this ongoing campaign.

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