Infrastructure Bill Provides Important Environmental Provisions, But Leaves More Work To Do

— We will continue to work with Congress to strive for environmental justice and a zero-carbon future, filling in the gaps left by this important first step.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework Represents a Meaningful Step Toward a Cleaner Future for Birds and People

— While funding levels for some programs are insufficient, the framework is a 'down payment' on future clean energy and resilience investments.

Congress Votes to Restore Methane Emissions Regulations in a Boost to Combating Climate Change

— President Biden is expected to sign the resolution, which will reinstate limits on the dangerous greenhouse gas.

Bipartisan Bill Addressing Pollution on Working Lands and Economic Support to Landowners Passes Senate

WASHINGTON (June 24, 2021) ­–  “The Growing Climate Solutions Act recognizes the critical role that our working lands play in

Audubon Report Shows That Important Bird Habitats are Key Natural Solutions to Climate Change

— Important ecosystems for birds can also store tens of millions of tons of carbon naturally if maintained and restored.

Making a Call for a More Inclusive Outdoors on Black Birders Week, and All Year Long

— Two bills being considered in Congress would help make outdoor spaces more inclusive by making access more equitable.
American Goldfinch on Echinacea Purpurea, commonly known as Purple Coneflower. Will Stuart

Audubon’s Network Achieves Local Wins for Earth Week

— Leaders across the country worked with local officials to pass bird-friendly proclamations and resolutions during the global observance of Earth Week
Western Tanager. Janet Stevens/Audubon Photography Awards

New House Legislation for Forests Falls Short on Protections and Emissions Reductions Needed

— The recently reintroduced Trillion Trees Act shows improvements from previous Congress, but still weakens bedrock laws without sufficient gains

Largest-ever Seabird Action Week Demonstrates the Power of the Audubon Network

— Audubon’s third annual advocacy week brings activists together from around the country to speak up for seabirds.
Bushtit on an Oregon Grape. Luke Franke/Audubon

Reigning in Carbon Emissions and Advancing Justice in Washington State

— Climate and environmental justice made progress in the 2021 Washington State Legislature