Bald Eagle by Peter Daverington

Location: 3623 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 10/19/2014

About the BirdOur national bird has weathered many a threat—from illegal shooting to the effects of persistent pesticides—and has made a strong comeback. Bald Eagles are doing so well that they’ve been taken off the endangered-species list. But now climate change looms as another potential setback. The eagles themselves are adapted to a broad range of climates, but the fish and other creatures on which they prey could become harder to find.

About the ArtistOriginally from Australia, painter and musician Peter Daverington now lives in New York. A sought-after muralist, he has been commissioned to paint public art in Argentina, Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, and Turkey. The Bald Eagle appealed to him for this project “because they have such powerful, wise, and enigmatic heads,” he says. “It’s also the symbol for America—my new adopted home.”

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