Bipartisan Water Resources Bill Modernized to Meet 21st Century Issues

Audubon applauds funding for water infrastructure, climate resiliency, environmental justice.

(WASHINGTON)—Today, the Water Resources Development Act of 2022 passed the Senate after passing the House of Representatives earlier this month. This bill includes significant funding for water projects that impact birds and communities across the country. President Biden is expected to sign it in the coming days. 

The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), authorizes $70 billion dollars for the Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps), including billions of dollars to implement nature-based solutions and natural infrastructure on America’s waterways. Florida’s Everglades, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River and its Delta, water-dependent ecosystems in the arid West and the nations shorelines, will all benefit from WRDA. 

Building upon successful environmental provisions in past WRDA bills, Audubon is thrilled that this year’s WRDA bill includes climate and resiliency provisions, environmental justice provisions, ecosystem restoration projects, and cost-share changes that support birds, people, and communities throughout the country,” said Julie Hill-Gabriel, Audubon’s Vice President of Water Conservation and Interim Vice President of Coastal Conservation. “The Army Corps can play a pivotal role in improving our water infrastructure to address the challenges brought on by climate change. 

Of particular importance, WRDA 2022 gives the Army Corps the flexibility to design projects for future conditions, allowing them to plan for anticipated climate impacts and build accordingly. Audubon fully supports infrastructure investments and restoration projects that not only protect birds and provide wildlife habitat, but also prioritize communities most at risk from climate change. 


Press Contact: 

Joey Kahn,
Communications Director, Water Conservation