The Colorado River Compact at 100

— Can it survive another century?

Birds of Great Salt Lake’s South Arm Ecosystem Threatened

— As Gilbert Bay’s water level declines and salinity levels rise, what birds are at risk?

Regional Shorebird Surveys Provide a Look at Changing Habitat Around the West

— On-the-ground assessments of how drought is impacting birds in the Great Basin.

Restoration Efforts in the Colorado River Delta are Working

— Sound science is helping us help birds.
A Northern Pintail flies toward the camera.

The Clean Water Act at 50 and What it Means for Birds

— A look ahead at what’s working, what’s not, and where we go from here.

Why is the Colorado River in crisis, and what is being done about it?

— Pressing questions to an urgent problem asked and explained.

Our Blueprint for a Resilient Lower Mississippi River

— On World Water Day, Audubon has identified the most important places for birds and people from Missouri to the Gulf Coast.

Getting Water to Places Birds Need Most

— Audubon’s California water policy priorities in 2022.
Wood Thrush perched on a Winterberry branch.

Infrastructure Bill will Boost Funding for On-the-Ground Conservation in the Delaware River Watershed

— The landmark legislation includes funding for landscape-scale restoration and nature-based projects that will benefit birds and people throughout the region.

The Discovery Center Event Series Taps into the Connection of the “Birds & Brews” of the Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon Mid-Atlantic brings together a panel of Brewers for the Delaware River members and city leaders to discuss the importance of watershed health for birds, people, and beer.