The Discovery Center Event Series Taps into the Connection of the “Birds & Brews” of the Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon Mid-Atlantic brings together a panel of Brewers for the Delaware River members and city leaders to discuss the importance of watershed health for birds, people, and beer.

U.S. Declares Water Delivery Reductions to Southwestern States as Climate Change Devastates Colorado River

— Plans are in place for 2022, but 2023 and future years could be even more challenging.

U.S. House Recommends Increased Funding for Delaware River Watershed for Fourth Year

— Growing federal appropriations helps protect the iconic waterway for birds and communities.

Audubon's Frank Ruiz Testifies Before Congress on Salton Sea Bill

— HR 3877 would allow expanded federal participation in Salton Sea restoration efforts
Northern Harrier. Doug German/Audubon Photography Awards

A Policy Agenda to Protect the Birds of the Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon focuses on funding and bipartisan engagement for clean, reliable water for birds and people.
Lee's Ferry in the Grand Canyon. Jonathan Buford/Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

Experimental High Spring Flows in the Grand Canyon

— Demonstrated potential for creativity in future Colorado River operations
Saltmarsh Sparrow. Frank Lehman/Audubon Photography Awards

Advocates Attend Virtual “Hill Day” in Record Numbers to Champion Delaware River Watershed

— Audubon leaders and coalition partners brought local voices to Capitol Hill to support clean water legislation.
Summer Tanager. Becky Matsubara/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Planting along the Colorado River with the Cocopah Indian Tribe and Yuma Audubon

— Collaborative Restoration in the time of COVID-19
Golden-winged Warbler. Arni Stinnissen/Audubon Photography Awards

Bipartisan Delaware River Watershed Caucus Signals a Beacon of Opportunity

— The recently formed caucus shows substantial federal and state support of one of the founding rivers of America for birds and communities.
Snowy Egret. Walker Golder

Audubon’s Water Policy Agenda Focuses on Results

— Here's what we're doing to ensure clean and reliable water for birds and people.