Bird Up Your Zoom Calls With These Audubon Backgrounds

Spread the joy of birds—and native plants—at your next friendly gathering or weekly meeting.

No doubt about it: We're living in a whole new world. One in which virtual happy hours are the norm and work gets done by teams that look like they are competing on Hollywood Squares. Fortunately, you can mix it up on all those video conferences with custom backgrounds. Below are 14 Audubon backdrops that will add a much-needed dose of nature to any Zoom call. See an image you like? Just click on the download button to access the file. And for those new to Zoom, a couple of quick tips:

  • To change your background, the easiest way is to click the arrow tab next to the video icon during a live session. Choose "Virtual Background," upload your photo, and you're all set. (On mobile, you can access the backround option by clicking on the three little dots and choosing "More.") 
  • Once you upload your photo, the image and text will appear reverse on your screen. Do not panic. What everyone else sees is the mirror image of your screen, so you're good to go. 

Note: Audubon is providing these images to be used exclusively as video or desktop backgrounds. Please do not repurpose these images for other uses. Thank you.

Burrowing Owl — Download 


Snowy Owl  — Download 


Northern Saw-Whet Owl — Download 

Anna's Hummingbird — Download 


Monarch Butterflies — Download 


Mountain Bluebird — Download 


"Gang of Warblers" Mural — Download 


Greater Sage-Grouse  — Download 


Audubon's Tundra Swan  — Download 


Scarlet Macaw Chicks  — Download 


Ospreys — Download 


Magnificent Frigatebird  — Download 


Tricolored Heron  — Download 


Audubon's Oystercatcher  — Download 


Cardinal Flowers and Meadow  — Download