Add These Bird and Environmental Books to Your Holiday Reading List

— No matter what you’re in the mood for, these great reads from 2021 have you covered.  
A conceptual illustration shows the hands of four different people putting coins in a bank shaped as the planet Earth.

How to Plan Your Financial Future While Investing in a Healthier Planet

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Behind the Mystery of Armenia's Oil-Covered White Storks

— In the half decade since oiled birds were first spotted, volunteers and conservationists have raced to care for the iconic animals—and pushed the government to address pollution sources.

5 New Climate Books to Empower Teens and Help Turn Anxiety into Action

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A New Stunning Nest Guide Celebrates a Different Aspect of Birding

— The Peterson series displays the variety in crafted structures of a whopping 650 species. Co-author David Moskowitz shares insights from the field.

How I Learned to Love Wild Turkeys

— After I moved to a new apartment complex in Wisconsin, I expected to meet new neighbors. I didn’t expect so many of them to be feathered.

This Duo Photographed Hundreds of Colombia’s Dazzling Birds This Year

— While their images are spectacular, the people they’ve met along the way are just as big a highlight.

La historia de este diminuto pájaro cantor amplifica una antigua lengua maya

— De cómo un cuento infantil sobre el amenazado chipe de cachetes dorados hace parte de un movimiento para rescatar las lenguas indígenas en México.

This New Field Guide Aims to Change Your Mind About Pigeons

— Cartoonist and author Rosemary Mosco shines a witty and compassionate spotlight on what she calls "the world's most misunderstood bird."

Climate Change Puts New Mexico’s Ancient Acequias to the Test

— Communal irrigation systems that have sustained communities, culture, and birdlife for centuries are running dry in a drought-racked Southwest.