A Long-Running Ode to the All the *&#% Birders See

— A 10-year-old Facebook group celebrates the surprising and weird sightings that can mark a birding trip—no actual birds required.

What's In a Bird Name?

— More than 100 North American birds carry the names of people, some of whom were enslavers, supremacists, or grave robbers. A growing movement aims to do away with honorifics all together and bestow monikers that reflect each species' unique qualities

California Has a Peacock Problem

— Feral peafowl have turned neighbor against neighbor in Los Angeles, where they claw up gardens, peck at car fenders, and belt out their songs at all hours. Is a more harmonious coexistence possible?
An Indigo Bunting sings on top of a sunflower.

Listen to the Birds Today

— Some days, they sing messages of peril. But some days, they sing songs of beauty and hope.
An artistic rendition of a Wood Thrush lays flat against tea-soaked paper. Made entirely out of foraged materials found in nature.

The Foraged Wood Thrush

— Jessica Maffia merges her artistic talents with her enthusiasm for nature in a plant-based representation of the Wood Thrush.

'Prehistoric Planet,' a Stunning New Series, Depicts Dinosaurs Like Never Before

— Drawing from science that connects modern birds and ancient dinosaurs, the David Attenborough-narrated Apple TV+ show was influenced by avian biology and behavior at every step.

Some of Music’s Biggest Names Create a Trove of New Tunes to Help Birds

— The man behind your favorite film soundtracks wants to build a joyful movement around bird conservation. On ‘For the Birds: The Birdsong Project,’ he’s enlisted musical legends and silver-screen icons to help.

A Ludicrously Deep Dive Into the Birds of Spelling Bee, Wordle, Scrabble, and More

— It’s only a game. It’s only a game.

Flying Gardens of Maybe

— Artist Andrew S. Yang coaxes new life from seeds that bird-strike victims consumed, turning dead ends into second chances.

Master Falconer Rodney Stotts Extols the 'Healing Power of Wildlife'

— Stotts' new memoir details his unlikely journey to the ancient art. Now, his dream is to inspire more people like him to discover a love for raptors.