Two young siblings with red hair stand outside on a boardwalk smiling and laughing.

These Twins Hope to Become Their Own Duck Stamp Dynasty

By Freda Kreier
August 28, 2023 — Kira Sabin went viral in 2021 after making a TikTok video about their entry for the annual art competition. Two years later, they're still going for a win—and hoping partnering with their sibling helps.
A young woman outside near a river holds a tripod and spotting scope and looks at the camera.

Mya-Rose Craig’s Search for Family Amid an Extraordinary Life of World Birding

By Nicholas Cannariato
August 15, 2023 — Birdgirl, a memoir by the 21-year-old birder and activist, is an affecting story of a daughter seeking her parents as they, together, seek birds.
Waterfowl on a pond seen through tall grass, the end of a gun visible in the foreground.

Two New Books By Unlikely Advocates Make the Conservation Case for Hunting

By Andy McGlashen
May 09, 2023 — A birder and a Brooklynite examine their opposition to hunting, give it a try, and—finding a deeper sense of stewardship—urge others to reconsider.
An illustration of a robot reaching up with one arm towards a hovering red bird.

Can New AI Chatbots Like ChatGPT Help You Identify Birds?

By Nicholas Lund
April 04, 2023 — ‘Audubon’ magazine’s intrepid AI expert pushed the cutting-edge technology to its limits on field marks, native plants, and ... Mr. Bean?
Field Notes

Yes, Birding Does Change Your Brain

By Joanna Thompson
March 29, 2023 — Neuroscientists puzzling over how human memory and learning function often turn to birdwatchers to connect the dots.
A flock of Sandhill Cranes fly in a line against a blue sky, the moon in the background.

‘Flight Paths’ Unfurls the Wondrous History of Migration Science

By Philip Kiefer
March 10, 2023 — A new book details how amateur birders and bird-loving scientists pieced together the true story of avian migration.

A New Book Explores Our Disdain for Pests

By Kharishar Kahfi
February 09, 2023 — Journalist Bethany Brookshire argues that the idea of a “pest” is more about humans’ view of unwanted animals than the critters themselves.

Everyone Should Have a Mother's Day Birding Tradition Like This

By Melissa Scott Sinclair
January 30, 2023 — Mother, daughter, and granddaughter take joy in learning the spring migrant birds who show up to their annual May ritual.

Javier Caletrío Says It’s Time for Birders to Move Away from High-Carbon Birding

By Jenny McKee
January 09, 2023 — A new book ‘Low-Carbon Birding’ challenges birders to give up air travel and twitching and instead enjoy their local species.
The Aviary

An Abundance of American Robins

By Jessica McKenzie
December 13, 2022 — Mayuko Fujino’s flock in flight celebrates a common species threatened by climate change.