Congratulations GRAMMY Award WINNER For The Birds: The Birdsong Project

This birdy boxed set wins a GRAMMY Award for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package

We are proud to celebrate official GRAMMY Award Winner for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package, For The Birds: The Birdsong Project. Congratulations to Jeri and John Heiden of SMOG Design, GRAMMY winners and designers behind this one-of-a-kind boxed set; to co-creators Randall Poster and Rebecca Reagan; and to the massive flock of people involved in bringing The Birdsong Project to life.

The Birdsong Project has been a historic and unprecedented outpouring of creativity by more than 220 music artists, actors, literary figures, and visual artists, all coming together to celebrate the joy birds bring to our lives and elevate the message they have for us about the environmental threats we all face. Audubon is honored to be a lead partner and beneficiary of this inspiring endeavor, which has been a striking example of art’s power to serve as a potent driver of the important—and increasingly vital—actions people can take to protect birds and the places we all need.

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