October 1, 2015: Yangon, Myanmar — The only way to reach Myanmar from India this morning was via a layover in Thailand. In other words, I flew east from Delhi, passed entirely over the country of Myanmar, landed in Bangkok for four hours, then flew west again. By the time I arrived in Yangon, it was dark and I hadn't seen any new birds today. Yikes—a whole travel day, and my third zero of the year!

This sets me up, anyway, for a full week in Myanmar (also called Burma), an under-birded and hugely diverse country sandwiched between India, Bangladesh, China, and Thailand. I'm posted up in a small guesthouse in Yangon this evening with a lazy ceiling fan and a burning mosquito coil by the pillow. It's humid enough that papers curl on their own and clothes feel heavy. My T-shirt is so sticky that it took all kinds of contortions to peel it off for a shower—one of those days when undressing looks like an exorcism. Tomorrow, we'll see what this place is like in the daylight. 

New birds today: 0

Year list: 4565

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