Noah Strycker

Contributor, Audubon Magazine

Noah Strycker is a writer, photographer, and adventurer. In 2015 he embarked on an international Big Year, and blogged all about it at

Articles by Noah Strycker

Antarctica’s Most Numerous Penguin Has Suffered Huge Declines, Expedition Finds
February 10, 2020 — Scientists counting Chinstrap Penguins on Elephant Island tally fewer than half as many birds as nested there almost 50 years ago.
Read an Excerpt From Noah Strycker's Book on His Record-Breaking Year of Birds
October 11, 2017 — Strycker recounts all the gritty and glorious details of his 2015 global Big Year in "Birding Without Borders."
Take a Look at This Extremely Rare White Penguin
March 08, 2017 — On an expedition in Antarctica, experienced birder Noah Strycker spotted the ghostly Gentoo on the crowded shores of South Georgia Island.
House Finch or Purple Finch? Here's How to Tell Them Apart
December 28, 2016 — Some clues to help distinguish between these two often-confused finches.
Noah Strycker's Global Big Year Record Has Been Broken
November 17, 2016 — And here’s what the former birding champ has to say about it.
Summer’s Not Over Yet, and Neither Is Shorebird Season
September 02, 2016 — It’s September. Do you know where your shorebirds are?
Two Guys Just Broke the North American Big Year Record—But How?
July 26, 2016 — It turns out, seabirds and extreme birding go really well together.
Four people seeing from the back hold binoculars
How To Meet Other Birders
April 21, 2016 — First, grab your bins. Then, go out and find some . . . people.
A group of white birds stands in wetland
Where Can You Find Birds?
April 21, 2016 — Basically, they're everywhere.
How to Find a Bird
April 21, 2016 — No matter where you are, these four basic steps will make spotting birds easier.