Day 332: Leaving Sulawesi

Noah begins a four-day journey that will take him to the heart of Papua New Guinea.

November 28, 2015: Makassar, Sulawes— After a week in Sulawesi, it’s time to fly. New places await. I’ve hit the ceiling on birds here, and time is getting short…

Monal and I had a great seven days on this island, and I hope I can return someday to see those few endemics I missed this time. You can see photos of many of these birds on Monal’s website and get inspired to visit Sulawesi, too! 

At dawn today we staked out a lake outside Manado, where I picked up two new “hens,” Black-backed Swamphen and Dusky Moorhen, before heading for the airport. This afternoon I took a short flight down to Makassar, where I’ll connect with onward legs tomorrow morning. Today begins four straight days in the aira journey that will take me, step by step, into the heart of Papua New Guinea. 

Apologies, by the way, for the intermittent updates this week. As always, I write these blog posts each evening but can only post them with a wifi connection, and internet has been tough to find lately! I can at least update the species list page with my cell phone, so it is generally up to date (unless I’m in a really remote area without cell service). Onward!

New birds today: 2

Year list: 5396

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