Explore the Habitats along the Lower Colorado River

Audubon StoryMap guides viewers along the Lower Colorado River, highlighting its importance for birds and people.
Blue Grosbeak in the Colorado River delta. Photo: Claudio Contreras Koob

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The Colorado River and its tributaries—which support 40 million people, sacred Tribal lands, a $1.4 trillion economy, more than five million acres of farms and ranches, and thousands of species of wildlife—are shrinking due to climate change and overuse.  

Important habitats exist and have been intentionally reestablished along more than 400 miles of the Colorado River as it flows south of Hoover Dam. To raise awareness of these gems in the desert that support 400 species of birds, Audubon Southwest launched a visually-appealing  StoryMap website created by Elija Flores and myself called Lower Colorado River Habitats: Exploring important habitats of the Lower Colorado River and what they mean for birds and people.    

In addition to beautiful imagery, the StoryMap features: 

  • An interactive map to orient viewers to the Lower Colorado River as it flows from Hoover Dam into Mexico, featuring water infrastructure, Tribal lands, and more.  

  • A gallery of targeted restoration habitat types and birds that call them home. 

  • A tour down the river featuring specific habitat sites. 

  • An overview of the Colorado River Post-2026 Operations process and Audubon’s engagement. 

As we continue to manage the stressed Colorado River, it is vital that we elevate and protect these special places—for birds and people.  

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