Audubon Mural Project

Fish Crow by Hitnes

Location: 3750 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Painted: 10/21/2015.

Climate Threat: The Fish Crow is an opportunist that once only inhabitated the Atlantic and Gulf Coast plains, but now can be found further inland, all the way up to the Ohio River Valley. Climate change, however, could lead to a 26 percent decrease in its winter range by 2080. See more on the Fish Crow's shifting range at

About the Artist: Hitnes hails from Rome, and his work spans genres, including graffiti, illustration, and fine art. Since 2012 he has taught screen-printing courses at Rome’s European Institute of Design (IED), as well as workshops in muralism, including a masterclass in Adelaide, Australia. His work can be found in publications in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, and Australia; in the past 10 years he has participated in group shows and art events across Europe, Australia, Mexico, and China. His work with the Audubon Mural Project capped a three-month odyssey called “The Image Hunter,” where he retraced John James Audubon’s steps around America and completed 15 murals across the country. See all of them here.

The Artist on the Bird: I was hunting American Crows, but they aren’t a species in danger, even if they are really similar to their Fish Crow cousins. Fish Crows are just a little bit smaller and the only way to identify them is to hear their ‘cow cow cow’ instead of the ‘caw caw caw.’ I spotted the Fish Crow in Florida early this summer, and thought it would fit on a mural so close to John James Audubon’s grave.”

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