The Image Hunter

Hitnes Runs into Herons in New Orleans

— As the muralist continues around the southern United States, herons have been a constant.
Hitnes' Brown Pelican, painted at 2021 NW 2nd Avenue in Miami, FL. Giacomo Agnetti

The Image Hunter 'Hunts' For Brown Pelicans in Florida

— Hitnes creates two new murals of large-beaked birds.
Turkey Vulture, Charleston, South Carolina. Jessica Stewart

Hitnes Mural Tour Continues Across South

— The street artist has painted murals from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.
Pine Island. Jessica Stewart

Hitnes' Next Murals Inspired by (Wooden) Ducks

— While traveling across the south, Hitnes learns the wonders of duck decoys.

Hitnes Paints First Murals at Pickering Creek Audubon Sanctuary

— Soon after landing in the U.S., the street artist travels toward John James Audubon's first home.

Italian Street Artist to Reenact Audubon’s Quest

— Hitnes will paint large-scale avian murals in U.S. states where Audubon observed his memorable birds.