Follow These Amazing Instagram Accounts for Beautiful Bird Photos

Need more feathers in your feed? These photographers have you covered.

Here at Audubon, we love ourselves a good bird photo. So, as we wait for the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards winners to be announced, we’ve been scouring Instagram for the very best #birdstagrams to tide us over. Read on to find our favorites, and hit that "Follow" button to add some fine feathered photography to your day. And don't forget to also follow Audubon's own Instagram account for even more birdy goodness. 

Jason Collins


Georgia-based photographer Jason Collins posts gorgeous photos from his regular birding trips in and around Eastman, Georgia, as well as farther afield. Whether he’s in his own backyard or traveling internationally to Greece or Colombia, he’s on the lookout for birds to capture with his camera. Captions provide IDs and snippets of information about the bird in the shot. 


Melissa Groo


Expert photographer and Audubon magazine contributing editor Melissa Groo shares perfectly composed shots of birds and other wildlife taken on her travels, from Canada's boreal forest to the lagoons of the Bahamas. With a focus on photography ethics, Groo shares the story behind each photograph in her info-rich captions. 


Traci Sepkovic


Professional photographer Traci Sepkovic keeps her feed full of artfully composed and often whimsical photos of North American birds and other wildlife. Frequent subjects include owls and shorebirds, and each post includes an entertaining anecdote about how she managed to snag her shot. 


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