Photo: Hillary Eggers/Audubon
Photo: Hillary Eggers/Audubon

Audubon Mural Project

Henslow's Sparrow and Mountain Bluebird by Reynaldo

Location: 2113 Amsterdam Ave., New York NY 10032

Painted: November 10, 2017

Climate Threat: Already in serious decline, the furtive Henslow's Sparrow might see a complete loss in its winter habitat in the Southeast, Audubon's models report. By 2050, it could be found as far north as the Great Lakes outside of breeding season. On the other hand, the Mountain Bluebird is predicted to lose 73 percent of its summer range to climate change, especially in high-elevation tundra and meadow areas.

About the Artist: Reynaldo García Pantaleón’s paintings, drawings, music, photography, video, print, murals, silk-screens, etc. are all a direct translation of everyday life and the hopes and fears that confront us. He’s been part of solo and group shows in New York, the Dominican Republic, and around the world. He’s also collaborated with community groups like Dominica York Proyecto GRAFICA as an artist, graphic designer, and musician, and has worked as a teacher and instructor with various groups like Palenque (a violence-prevention program for youth), The Dominican Women's Development Center, The Children’s Aid Society, and many schools. 

Photo: Hillary Eggers/Audubon
Photo: Hillary Eggers/Audubon

The Artist on the Mural: Pantaleón titled this piece, “Vientos Natales,” meaning “native winds” in Spanish. To create it, he enlisted the help of students from Gregorio Luperon highschool, including Sheised Nuñez, Darlin Garcia, Issac Reyes, Emely Rodriguez, Javier Soriano, Ana De La Cruz, Alondra Martinez, and Cristal Castillo, Wildriana Paulino, Jonathan Caceres, Beyonce Martinez.

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