Stink or Swim:

August 14, 2015, Seaforth, Ontario A Great Horned Owl dove into a giant pond of manure, became drenched and exhausted, and had to be rescued. Rehabbers named the owl “Mr. Stinky.”

Hawk-Eat-Dog World:

August 14, 2015, Lexington, KY An ambitious hawk attacked and carried off a pet Jack Russell Terrier, causing an entire neighborhood to rethink their dog leashes.

Most Unceremonious:

August 16, 2015, Rize, Turkey To celebrate the opening of a mosque, Turkish President Erdoğan released live doves and partridges. One partridge tried to perch on the President’s head.

Jail Break Fail:

August 17, 2015, West Bromwich, UK — A parrot named Kiwi wedged its beak between the bars of its cage . . . and couldn’t back out. Firefighters were summoned to free the bird.

Right to Remain Silent:

August 19, 2015, Maharashtra, India Police detained a pet parrot after an elderly woman accused it of repeatedly swearing at her. The woman claimed her estranged stepson had trained the bird to bad-mouth her. When questioned by the police, the bird had no comment.

Rescue Gone Wrong:

August 24, 2015, Gottingen, Germany When Diego the macaw escaped into a tree, his owner climbed up to get him . . . and got stuck along with him. Firefighters had to rescue them both.

High Country Hunting:

September 1, 2015, Ringwood, OK A group of three hunters got in trouble for hunting out of season, taking too many birds, using illegal bait . . . and building their dove blind out of marijuana plants.

Parrot Summons Police:

September 8, 2015, Brockville, Ontario Police responded to a shed behind a restaurant after reports of a woman yelling for help. The woman turned out to be a parrot.

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