Birds in the News

American Avocet by Phil Wheeler

Reimagining the American Avocet

— Phil Wheeler uses repeating patterns to unite a hungry wader with otherworldly terrain.

1,158 Bird Species, 7,500 Miles, 1,000 Cups of Coffee and Counting: Meet the Couple Doing the First-Ever Big Year Across Colombia

— As they’ve crisscrossed the country tallying and documenting birds, photographers Niky Carrera Levy and Mauricio Ossa have also discovered hundreds of untold stories of conservation heroes.
Canada Geese fly past a coal power plant in Kansas. Charlie Riedel/AP

How a Landmark Environmental Law May Have Quietly Saved a Billion Birds

— New research reveals a previously uncounted benefit of the Clean Air Act—at a time when the Trump administration is weakening its protections.
Coolamity Jane is the name given to a Las Vegas pigeon who's unfortunately had a plastic cowboy hat glued to her head. She remains at large. Mariah Hillman/Lofty Hopes

Those Pigeons Wearing Cowboy Hats? They're No Laughing Matter.

— While the internet got a kick out of the latest meme, Mariah Hillman rushed to the scene to save the birds from danger or even death.
Tundra Swans. William Pohley/Audubon Photography Awards

BLM’s Final Environmental Review for Arctic Refuge Drilling Glaringly Underestimates Harm to Wildlife

— Rushed and faulty process gives green light to massive and permanent destruction of Arctic Refuge’s Coastal Plain, an irreplaceable habitat for birds and other wildlife
Woodpecker feathers retrieved from what one Field Museum researcher described as a tiger shark's “partially digested goop.” Another sample included a bunch of tiny rubber bands from braces. Trey Spearman/University of South Alabama

Exhausted Birds Become Lunch Meat for Tiger Sharks in the Gulf of Mexico

— New research shows that these apex predators wait for food to fall out of the sky during migration.

This Sandhill Crane Couple Adopted a Baby Goose

— The elegant birds are raising a gosling as well their own colt this year in a Michigan park.
A European Robin, far outside its normal range, poses for admirers in Beijing. Zhang Xiaoling

A Vagrant European Robin Is Drawing Huge Crowds in China

— The rarity popped up at the Beijing Zoo earlier this month, revealing a booming Chinese birding scene.
Great Black Hawk. Doug Hitchcox/Maine Audubon

A Mexican Hawk in Maine Has Somehow Survived Two Snowstorms

— Hundreds of people have visited the first wild Great Black Hawk to venture into the United States, where it's dining on squirrel instead of lizard.

Baseball for the Birds: A New North Carolina Team Rallies Around an Endangered Species

— Inspired by the Red-cockaded Woodpecker's resilience, the Houston Astros affiliate has chosen the bird to be its official mascot.