Two Bills Introduced to Reduce Building Collisions and Protect Seabirds

In recent weeks, Members of Congress have introduced two bipartisan bills that will help protect and conserve birds across the country and around the globe. The Bird-Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 919), would advance bird-friendly practices on federal buildings to help reduce collisions, while the Albatross and Petrel Conservation Act (H.R. 1305) will expand international cooperation to help save these charismatic seabirds.

The Bird-Safe Buildings Act (H.R. 919), introduced by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA), will help address one of largest sources of mortality for birds in the country. An estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds are killed each year from collisions with buildings. The Bird-Safe Buildings Act will set bird-friendly standards for federal buildings by requiring the adoption of proven and cost-effective practices that limit collisions, while setting a leading example for buildings throughout the nation. You can ask your Member of Congress to support this legislation by clicking here.

The Albatross and Petrel Conservation Act (H.R. 1305), introduced by Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), will increase international cooperation to protect these highly endangered and legendary species. Albatross and petrels range across entire oceans, which means that single nations cannot adequately conserve these species on their own. This bill enables the U.S. to join and strengthen an important international agreement that helps address threats to these species, including growing plastic pollution in our oceans, and unsustainable fishing practices that cause up to 100,000 albatross deaths each year after they become hooked on longlines. Click here to write to your Member of Congress to ask them to cosponsor this legislation.    

Audubon strongly supports both of these bills, and encourages Congress to swiftly take up and advance the legislation.