The reliable typ: A pair of African penguins, Boulders Beach, South Africa. Photo: Paul Mannix

What’s your seduction style? Perhaps you woo your sweetheart with the sultry jazz of Grammy-winner Esperanza Spalding. Or plan romantic getaways. Or write the perfect online dating profile. Or play hard to get. Whatever your courtship behavior, your approach is likely similar to some species in the animal kingdom.

That’s the fun notion behind the Bronx Zoo’s Valentine’s quiz. Answer eight questions to find out if you most resemble a tiger, peacock, or some other creature. Whatever the result, we suggest you don’t take relationship advice from your animal counterpart. “But honey, I’m a lion,” probably won’t go over so well with your sweetie.

Here’s a sample question:

How do you meet your sweethearts?

-Bars, clubs, parties, bus stops, church—you name it
-On my volunteer shifts
-We’re usually friends first
-Online—I keep the socializing to a minimum
-I woo them with surprises and gifts
-At the gym
-I only date models

Click here to take the quiz.

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