Alisa Opar

Features Editor, Audubon Magazine

Alisa Opar is the features editor at Audubon magazine.

Articles by Alisa Opar

A fluffy orange cat stands in a long, elaborate wood and mesh enclosure outside.
DIY: Treat Your Cat to the Perks of the Outdoors—Minus the Pitfalls—With a Catio
March 26, 2024 — Build an enclosed oases that allows your feline to enjoy time outside without posing a danger to wildlife or encountering hazards himself.
Why Is it So Hard to Keep Cats Indoors?
March 26, 2024 — When a neighbor’s pet entered her life, our writer devised a plan: Put a GPS tracker on it and delve into why we let our beloved felines wander outside despite the risks they pose to birds and themselves.
A black and white cat sits in a clear box sticking out of a window in a brick building.
Ready-made Catios Ensure the Purr-fect Fit for Any Owner
March 26, 2024 — The wide range of structures available for purchase means everyone can find one that’s the cat’s meow.
An illustration of power plants and pollution with houses and people in the foreground.
Climate Advocates Want to See a More Just Transition Away from Fossil Fuels
December 15, 2022 — While the Inflation Reduction Act promises to inject billions of dollars into frontline communities, environmental justice leaders are concerned about its support for pollution-producing energy sources.
Left photo shows a close-up of a hand holding a bird with a yellow head, striped wings, and white belly. On the right, a hand holds a bird with a black-capped head and a black-and-white body.
This Pioneering Collaboration Will Open a New Window Into Bird Migration
April 14, 2022 — Pooling research from numerous international partners, Audubon's Migratory Bird Initiative promises to paint the fullest picture yet of the awe-inspiring phenomenon.
Food Editor Sam Sifton on the Joy of Birds and the Perfect Birding Sandwich
October 02, 2020 — The New York Times cooking scribe has renewed a childhood passion—and struggled with bird-feeder befuddlement—at home during the pandemic.
Scientists Are Unraveling the American Robin's Surprisingly Mysterious Migration
September 28, 2020 — Researchers hope new studies of these widespread birds will reveal their movements—and tip us off to disease outbreaks and other threats.
Meet the Dipper, North America's Only Aquatic Songbird
July 15, 2020 — A photographer spent years on rushing streams in the Rocky Mountains documenting the remarkable American Dipper.
Finally, a Bird-Themed Spotify Playlist (No, It's Not a Bunch of Bird Calls)
July 13, 2020 — It's no coincidence that the avian-themed songs on biologist Amanda Gallinat's playlist echo the order of a field guide.
Hey, Nature Lovers, Looking for a Good Book to Read?
April 24, 2020 — Margaret Atwood, Omar El Akkad, Delia Owens, and five other authors are here to help.