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Washington Passes Solar Energy Bill

After several years’ negotiation in the Washington state legislature, Republicans and Democrats recently came together to update the state’s renewable energy incentive program and passed the 2017 Solar Jobs Bill (SB 5939). This is a big win for Audubon Washington whose grassroots network is working to cultivate elected official solar champions and activate a diverse network of local grasstop and stakeholder solar advocates. By helping to pass the Solar Jobs Bill we have paved a path forward to advance solar solutions in local communities and state capital.

The 2017 Solar Jobs Bill will stimulate further local investment in renewable energy, ensure that the program is cost-effective for the state and participants, prevent further erosion of production incentives for existing solar owners enrolled in solar programs, ensure simplicity and incentive certainty for new solar owners, and create opportunities for low-income households to access savings through community solar projects that are balanced among utilities, non-profits, and housing authorities.

By advancing and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar power, we are reducing the amount of carbon pollution from fossil fuel generated electricity and ensuring a clean and independent energy future in Washington—one of the most important things we can do to protect birds and people from the threat of climate change. 

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