Watch: Vice News Tonight Goes on an Audubon Christmas Bird Count

On a cold and snowy morning in December, Vice braved the elements with a group of Brooklyn birders at Prospect Park.

For New Yorkers waking up on the morning of December 17th, the weather was not what you'd call ideal for birding. A fresh layer of snow covered the ground while a wintry mix pelted windows and fire escapes. No, this was the kind of Saturday that should be spent curled up on the couch or hiding in your local bar. But not for the intrepid volunteers participating in any of the local Christmas Bird Counts. That day, weather be damned, was a day to go birding. And so they headed out, bundling up in heavy coats and tugging on their snow boots, to go find birds and contribute to the 117th Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

Tagging along with one circle of Brooklyn birders this year was Vice News Tonight, a digital media company that chose the Prospect Park North count to see what exactly the CBC is all about. The conditions were challenging and the birds scarce, but that didn’t stop the group, led by Paul Keim of the Brooklyn Bird Club, from trying to identify every species they could spot. If you missed the original airdate on HBO, watch the clip above to see Vice's full report. And as you do, just be thankful for the people willing to get their butts out of bed and go birding for the greater good on such a cold and miserable morning. 

For more information on Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and how to get involved, be sure to head over to this page. This year's count is over, but it's never too early to find out what circle you should join for next year. And to see the results of the 2015-2016 census, check here

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