A plain brown bird perches on a mossy branch.
Ask Kenn: What's the Secret to Identifying Flycatchers?
March 28, 2024 — Don’t let these difficult birds get you down. Instead, take this sage advice from Audubon Field Editor and bird expert Kenn Kaufman.
Three flamingos wade in shallow blue water among plants.
Flamingo Fever, Limpkins on the Loose, ‘Mega’ Rare Terns—the Biggest Bird Events of 2023
December 19, 2023 — Birding highlights of a remarkable year included three U.S. firsts, a surprisingly happening Midwest, and, of course, flamingos everywhere!
Illustration of a crowd of people in a park looking at and photographing an owl in a tree with the Manhattan skyline in the distance.
Social Dilemma: What’s at Stake When We Propel Wild Birds to Stardom?
October 03, 2023 — Manhattan Bird Alert, a New York-based social media account, has fueled the rise of celebrity birds while attracting droves of new birders. But like many a story of unchecked fame, the phenomenon is also a cautionary tale.
A crane lowers its neck to forage in shallow water, with the rest of the flock in the background. The sunrise casts an orange glow on the foggy pond.
Don’t Sleep on the Other Sandhill Season
October 02, 2023 — Autumn offers a cornucopia of crane-viewing options.
A young girl in a striped dress looks through binoculars amid tall grass and wildflowers, with trees overhead.
A Binocular Guide for Growing Birders
September 29, 2023 — A good pair of bins can wow kids, helping them to delight in birding. These five picks make the grade.
Merlin Is Magical, but It Still Makes Mistakes
August 23, 2023 — As the popularity of the app’s Sound ID feature grows, so do concerns about how imperfect artificial intelligence impacts a trove of scientific data.
A young woman outside near a river holds a tripod and spotting scope and looks at the camera.
Mya-Rose Craig’s Search for Family Amid an Extraordinary Life of World Birding
August 15, 2023 — Birdgirl, a memoir by the 21-year-old birder and activist, is an affecting story of a daughter seeking her parents as they, together, seek birds.
A rust and gray-colored bird stands on a mossy surface and looks at the camera.
How Training Secretive Birds Became a Boon for Tropical Forest Conservation
August 10, 2023 — When a farming family in Ecuador “befriended” an elusive antpitta, they pioneered a new path for ecotourism.
A crowd watches a baseball game while a flock of birds circles overhead.
Why Baseball and Birding Go Together Like Peanuts and Cracker Jacks
July 10, 2023 — America’s pastime presents plenty of opportunities to spot birds, says sports writer Joe Trezza.
A bird feeder with a camera and microphone hangs outside.
These Smart Devices Can Identify the Birds Outside Your Window
July 10, 2023 — The Bird Buddy and the Haikubox offer new ways to get excited about birding from home.