Audubon Mural Project

Western Bluebird and Rufous-crowned Sparrow by Shawn Bullen

Location: Amsterdam Tobacco, 1614 Amsterdam, New York, NY 10031

Painted: September 4, 2016

Climate Threat: Western Bluebirds are a real fan favorite—but they may also be the most climate-endangered of the bluebird species. The bird depends on healthy forests and snags for habitat, which are in short supply with development. Audubon's climate models show a high amount of instability in the species' summer and winter ranges. Meanwhile, the Rufous-crowned Sparrow is non-migratory. It's a major problem for the birds, which may see a northern shift in both their summer and winter spaces. While the breeding area is projected to increase by a dramatic 200 percent, it's likely that the species won't be able to fill the new range.

About the Artist: Shawn Bullen started painting walls in 2007 in his hometown of Chicago. His work has taken him to cities across North America producing large scale murals everywhere he goes. He spent the last four years living and working in the Bay Area where he created artwork with groups from homeless shelters and public schools, to American Express and Google. Shawn recently moved to New York where he's continuing to create murals while expanding his studio practice. Bullen's work deals with a variety of subject matter, from raising awareness on endangered species to his personal series about gratitude and desire. Follow him on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “I chose the Western Bluebird and the Rufous-crowned Sparrow because the regions they inhabit are places I have spent a lot of time in, specifically California and Mexico. I've seen both birds and they are extremely stunning.”

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