Felice Stadler

Vice President, Government Affairs

Felice Stadler joins Audubon as an expert on federal clean air and climate policy. She has 25 years experience spearheading nationally prominent policy advocacy campaigns and building effective coalitions to advance solutions that protect communities and the natural world from pollution. Felice began her career in Washington, DC, with the Clean Air Network, which encompassed nearly 1,000 community-based organizations around the country working to secure federal clean air standards. It was through this early career experience that Felice developed a decades-long commitment to engaging with local advocates to influence federal policy makers in the halls of Washington, DC.

Felice played a leading role in the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act; helped bring the Keystone XL fight to the national stage; co-led a national effort to eliminate mercury use in consumer products; and helped secure first-ever methane pollution limits on the oil and gas industry. Felice comes to National Audubon Society from the Environmental Defense Fund, most recently as Vice President of Political Affairs where she provided strategic direction for the program’s federal climate advocacy. In her role, she oversaw the Campaigns and Partnerships unit and Defend our Future, a project of EDF’s that engages young people on college campuses and surrounding communities and serves as a funnel for diverse youth voices to advocate for climate solutions. As an advisor to EDF Action, Felice directed Clean Air Moms Action, inspiring and activating women to vote for pro-environment candidates. Prior to joining EDF, Felice worked at the National Wildlife Federation for 15 years, directing the organization’s climate program and managing federal policy advocacy.

Felice holds a Master of Science from the University of Montana and a Bachelor of Arts from the New School University’s Lang College in New York. She is a first-generation American, grew up in New York City and rural Maine, and currently lives in Maryland. She is a gardener and backyard birder, and the mother of two adult children.

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