Jane Braxton Little

Articles by Jane Braxton Little

D-Con Be Gone
August 14, 2014 — California bans rat poisons that are killing the state’s birds, but the fight isn’t over.
Keeping Grebes Afloat in the Intermountain West
February 18, 2014 — A lifeline for an elegant waterbird.
A California Lake Becomes a Stopover Spot Again
September 05, 2013 — Two hundred miles north of Los Angeles, windswept Owens Lake was the victim of one of the most audacious water grabs in the history of the American West. Now it is the site of one of its most innovative restorations.
Pulling Up Stakes in the West
November 27, 2012 — Audubon groups are saving birds from open-ended PVC mining stakes.
Working Lands: A California Couple Builds Habitat Along Stream Edges
August 09, 2012 — Olive and prune farmers Peter and Debbie Hunter create environments where wildlife thrives.
An Experiment in Ecotourism Thrives on St. John
March 20, 2012 — Wake up in a solar-powered tent and snorkel in an aquamarine underworld while helping preserve St. John’s natural appeal. The Maho Bay resort has proven that there can be responsible, and sustainable, alternatives to your typical beach resort.
How Has Fukushima's Nuclear Disaster Affected the Environment?
March 09, 2012 — A year after Japan’s nuclear meltdown, scientists are investigating the effects of radiation exposure on birds, other wildlife, and plants.
Fresh Start
November 23, 2011 — A makeover turns manmade Aramburu Island into rich wildlife habitat.
Pedaling for the Planet
October 11, 2011 — Whether he’s traveling by bike, boat, or boots, this teenager’s yearlong, 12,000-mile birding adventure clears a clean path toward an inspiring personal record.
Message in a Bottle
September 09, 2011 — Red, white—and green—the wine industry is widely embracing chemical-free viticulture that protects both the landscape and farmers while capturing terroir, the true taste of a place.