Joe Trezza

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Joe Trezza has written for the New York Times, Washington Post, Esquire, and many others. He lives in New York. 

Articles by Joe Trezza

A crowd watches a baseball game while a flock of birds circles overhead.
Why Baseball and Birding Go Together Like Peanuts and Cracker Jacks
July 10, 2023 — America’s pastime presents plenty of opportunities to spot birds, says sports writer Joe Trezza.
Our Newest National Park—and West Virginia's First—Is Fantastic for Birding
February 05, 2021 — Located in the southern part of the Mountain State, New River Gorge National Park is a must-visit destination for birders and adventure seekers.
Birders Drop Everything to Behold Rare Corn Crake That Turned Up in New York
November 09, 2017 — For two days, scopes lined a Long Island parkway as birders delighted in the European visitor, which traveled even farther than its audience.