Kenn Kaufman

Field Editor, Audubon Magazine

Kenn Kaufman is a field editor for Audubon.

Articles by Kenn Kaufman

Two water birds rise up out of the water close together, a long reed held in one of the bird's beak wraps around their long necks as they twirl.
Our Favorite Fascinating Bird Behaviors From the 2023 Audubon Photo Awards
February 22, 2024 — From an extra hungry Great Blue Heron to a very determined Verdin, this year's selections once again provide a vivid glimpse into the lives of birds.
A Cactus Wren perches atop a broken branch, holding a large, messy mass of downy feathers in its beak, with the feathers covering up the front of its face. The wren is a medium-sized songbird, mostly brown with darker stripes and spots and with a big white eyebrow.
Our Favorite Fascinating Bird Behaviors from the 2022 Audubon Photo Awards
February 23, 2023 — Every year the contest attracts entries capturing rare and unusual moments in the avian world. Check out these 11 highlights.
Here’s How Drastically Birding Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years
July 28, 2022 — On the 25th anniversary of his book "Kingbird Highway," Kenn Kaufman reflects on the many ways the hobby has transformed since he first hitchhiked across the country chasing birds in the 1970s.
Ask Kenn: Is There a Difference Between Bird Songs and Calls?
June 23, 2022 — Also this month: Why good bird habitat isn't always the same as good birding habitat.
Ask Kenn: Are American Robins Really a Sign of Spring?
March 28, 2022 — Long considered a harbinger of warmer weather, the robin's seasonal movements are surprisingly complex, writes bird expert Kenn Kaufman.
Ask Kenn: What is the Most Widespread Bird in the World?
December 22, 2021 — Seems simple, doesn’t it? Think again.
Ask Kenn: What’s Up With Bird Color Morphs and Phases?
November 24, 2021 — In some species, many adults wear different color patterns from others. Kenn Kaufman explains the phenomenon, and the lingo to describe it.
The ‘Kill Bill Tanager,’ a Species New to Science, Finally Has a Real Name
November 16, 2021 — A bird sighting on Kosñipata road in southeastern Peru led to a 20-year quest to confirm the new species: the gloriously yellow Inti Tanager.
Ask Kenn: Do Migrating Birds Take the Same Routes in Spring and Fall?
September 30, 2021 — In this month's column, bird expert Kenn Kaufman explains the phenomenon of "loop migration."
Ask Kenn: Why Have Roseate Spoonbills Invaded the North This Summer?
August 31, 2021 — Also this month: Is fall really the hardest season for identifying birds? Kenn Kaufman doesn't think so.