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Contributor, Audubon Magazine

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The Birdseed Business Boomed During the Pandemic. Can That Energy Carry the Industry Into a New Era?
April 01, 2023 — The past three years saw interest in feeding birds explode, with a surge of people joining the ranks and products—including eco-friendly and organic options—flying off the shelves.
A small, black and yellow American Goldfinch clings to a feeder while eating little, black Nyjer seeds.
What’s the Deal With Nyjer?
March 06, 2023 — The tiny black seed is a favorite of finches, but where does it come from? And why is it always capitalized?
Various birds and feeders including Red-breasted Nuthatch, House Finches, Northern Cardinal, and a Blue Jay.
Who Likes What: The Favorite Birdseed of Feeder Regulars and Rarities
March 06, 2023 — Here are the top three seed choices for a variety of species, per a scientific observational study of 1.2 million bird feeder visits.
Five piles of assorted bird seed on a white background.
Mixology: Breaking Down 5 Common Birdseed Blends
March 06, 2023 — With all the products available these days, sometimes the jargon and claims can get confusing. Here’s a quick primer.