Maggie Walker

Board Member

Maggie Walker, of Seattle, Washington, is a board member of the University of Washington Foundation, where she chairs the Advisory Board of the College of the Environment.  She is also Co-Chair of the Prosperity Partnership’s Cultural Task Force, Co-Chair of the Central Waterfront Committee, Chair of the Board of Global Partnerships and Chair of Friends of Waterfront Seattle.  Ms. Walker is a past President of the Board of Trustees of the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington, past Chair of the Woodland Park Zoological Society’s Board of Directors, past Chair of the Board of the Washington Women’s Foundation and past President of the Seattle Art Museum Board.  She is also a past President of the ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter, past Chair of the Board of the Museum of History and Industry, past Chair of ARTFAIR SEATTLE, past Chair of the Bullitt Foundation Board of Directors and past Chair of the Seattle Foundation Board.  She is a past Vice-President of the board of Audubon Washington and Seattle Children’s Home.  Ms. Walker attended Vanderbilt University and the University of Washington, and earned degrees in both History and Journalism.  Maggie supports the environment, education and the arts through the Walker Family Foundation at the Seattle Foundation.

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