Nancy Averett

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Nancy Averett

Meet Jali Makawa, Whose Expertise Proved Vital for Western Ornithologists
April 15, 2021 — Makawa's knowledge and outdoor skills made him indispensable to the white museum curators cataloging Africa’s birds in the 20th century.
Drones Take Off as Wildlife Conservation Tool
June 13, 2014 — UAVs are poised to revolutionize ecology and even save scientists’ lives.
Birds Can Smell, and One Scientist is Leading the Charge to Prove It
January 07, 2014 — For more than a century nearly everyone believed birds sense of smell was poorly developed or nonexistent. They were wrong.
The Other Pipeline
November 20, 2013 — An under-the-radar project may transport Canadian crude.
Grow a Garden with Seed Bombs
May 06, 2013 — Entrepreneurs design pellets that sprout native plants.
Recording Our Planet’s Acoustic Heritage—Before It’s Gone
April 30, 2013 — Climate change, development, and invasive species all threaten natural soundscapes.
Sloths Like Chocolate
December 04, 2012 — Shade-grown crops like cacao are a boon for sloths.
Adventurers Contribute to Science
January 11, 2012 — A nonprofit pairs researchers with extreme athletes.
Into the Woods
December 08, 2011 — Rue Mapp is using social media to lure people outdoors.