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Teakettle, Cheeseburger . . . Pidaro? The Case for Using Real Words to Remember Bird Songs

June 20, 2017 — Some bird guides eschew words for more literal translations of a bird's song, but doing so ignores the point of mnemonic devices: aiding memory.

Are You Sure You're Saying That Bird's Name Right?

February 04, 2017 — Odd spellings, multiple pronunciations, complicated histories—bird names can create plenty of awkward moments in the field.

Bird Superheroes Deserve Better

December 09, 2016 — From blatant sexism to frequent mediocrity, comic books have often done their avian stars a disservice.

It's Time to Rename the Ring-necked Duck

November 04, 2016 — One birder's impassioned plea to name the diver for a much more obvious—and useful—field mark.

Why That American Robin Cameo in 'The Hobbit' Wasn't an Error

October 14, 2016 — Filmmakers often place birds in the wrong setting, but when it comes to fantasy movies, where should we draw the line—if at all?