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Phil McKenna writes for various publications including InsideClimate News, a Pulitzer prize-winning, nonprofit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science. 

Articles by Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News

Chief Environmental Justice Official at EPA Resigns As Pruitt Takes Over
March 09, 2017 — Mustafa Ali quits after 24 years as the new administrator prepares deep cuts in programs affecting the poor and minorities.
Keystone Oil Spill Raises More Questions About Pipeline Safety
April 11, 2016 — Last week a South Dakota pipeline was shut down—after it had already leaked thousands of gallons of oil.
What California's Massive Methane Leak is Doing to the Environment
January 12, 2016 — The gas pouring into the air is the global warming equivalent of driving 4.7 million cars per day.