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Chief Environmental Justice Official at EPA Resigns As Pruitt Takes Over
March 09, 2017 — Mustafa Ali quits after 24 years as the new administrator prepares deep cuts in programs affecting the poor and minorities.
What Does the North American Climate Pledge Mean?
July 01, 2016 — The U.S., Mexico, and Canada announced shared goals to boost clean energy, cut carbon pollution, and protect wildlife.
One Simple Way to Help Hummingbirds Threatened by Climate Change
May 03, 2016 — By tracking these tiny birds, we can detect important imbalances in the environment.
Record Number of Countries Sign International Climate Deal
April 25, 2016 — More than 170 nations signed the historic Paris Agreement on Friday—an important step toward putting the treaty into effect.
Keystone Oil Spill Raises More Questions About Pipeline Safety
April 11, 2016 — Last week a South Dakota pipeline was shut down—after it had already leaked thousands of gallons of oil.
How Pigeons Are Drawing Attention To Air Pollution
March 22, 2016 — Birds wearing tiny backpacks helped launch an ongoing campaign for cleaner air in London.
The Surprising Way The Stuff We Buy Fuels Climate Change
March 02, 2016 — A new study reveals just how much people's shopping habits contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.
How a Civil Rights Activist is Fighting Climate Change
February 19, 2016 — Kathy Egland is taking on Big Coal to protect people and the environment.
In Fight Against Coal, Court Sides With Clean Power Plan
January 26, 2016 — Even though several states are trying to delay implementation of this clean energy rule, a recent court decision is pushing it forward.
These 5 Countries Are the Biggest Plastic Polluters
January 21, 2016 — Ocean plastic harms seabirds and other wildlife, and a recent report zeroes in on the top culprits.