Ted Williams

Ted Williams is freelance writer.

Articles by Ted Williams

How Congress Can Protect Seabirds With One Simple Act
April 21, 2016 — By signing ACAP, the United States would save seabirds from bad fishing practices.
Stop Cheating Our Wildlife
June 26, 2015 — It’s time for Congress to fully fund and permanently authorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
Pulling the Plug on an Energy Project in New England
May 12, 2014 — A habitat-destroying transmission line hits a wall in New Hampshire.
Green Energy: Can We Save the Planet and Save Birds?
March 08, 2014 — Wildlife-smart wind power may be as close as it gets to "green energy." But over vast swaths of America, the "smart" part is still more hot air than reality--especially when it comes to raptors.
Big Win for Arctic Wildlife
January 27, 2014 — U.S. court rejects offshore oil leases in Arctic waters.
Northern Great Plains Grassland and Wetland Habitat Falls to the Plow
January 21, 2014 — Vital prairie pothole habitat is disappearing. Reformed farm- and ethanol-subsidy programs—and economic incentives—are needed to leave these crucial lands alone.
Shell Shows It Can’t Ensure Safe Offshore Oil Operations in the Arctic
December 06, 2013 — When it came time to prove it could safely handle an offshore spill in Alaska, the oil company flunked its own test.
Help End the Bluefin Blues
November 07, 2013 — Proposed fishing regulations could help this threatened tuna, but advocates say they’re not enough.
Longline Fishing's Unintended Victims: Billfish, Sharks, and Tuna
September 27, 2013 — What's good for protecting some species from longlines can lead to disaster for others.
Longline Fishing's Unintended Victims: Turtles
September 26, 2013 — Many sea turtles die each year from longline fishing, but circle hooks and buoy gear help protect loggerheads and leatherbacks.