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Northern cardinal, by Karen Bacon

2011 Audubon Magazine Photography Awards: Top 100

Northern cardinal, by Karen Bacon
Black-crowned night-heron, by Patricia Corapi
Great egret, by David Chauvin
Eurasian roller, by Chris Bower
Bald eagles John L. Dengler/Audubon Photography Awards
Least bittern, by Jack Rogers
American kestrel, by Randall Roberts
Atlantic puffin, by Eric Bowles
House sparrows, by Timothy Brooks
Peregrine falcon, by Kathryn Okinaga
Ring-necked pheasant, by Jim Urbach
Red-shouldered hawk, by Carol Graham Fryer
American oystercatchers, by Marina Scarr
Downy woodpecker by Lou Buonomo
Brandt’s cormorant and Western gull, by Mark Drawbridge
Red-crested cardinal, by Karen Dingerson
Weaver bird, by Douglas Steakley
Great egret, by Joseph Costanza
Calliope hummingbirds, by Walter Nussbaumer
Common loon, by Richard Simonsen
Barn swallows, by Michael Stubblefield
King penguin by Marc Lombardi
Adelie penguins, by Tim Laman
Belted kingfisher, by Alan Murphy
Brown pelicans, by Octavio Aburto
Bald eagle, by James Neiger
Black-crowned night-heron, by Chuck Seamens
Northern pygmy-owl, by Paul Bannick
Black skimmer, by Michael Stubblefield
California quails, by Kelle Herrick
American goldfinch, by Sally Stone
Long-tailed jaegar, by David Hemmings
Egrets, by George Kaczmarek
Pine warbler, by Otto Ryba
Black-headed gull, by Mike Anderson
Broad-tailed hummingbirds, by Jerry Goffe
Burrowing owls, by Greg Schneider
Northern cardinals, by Ed Peterson
European bee-eater, by Mike Anderson
Great gray owl, by Jim Brown
Indigo bunting, by Jeff Parker
Roseate spoonbills, by Jorja Feldman
House finch, by Lauren Ames
Sharp-tailed grouse, by Noppadol Paothong
Pigeon guillemot, by Susan Dimock
Red-winged blackbird and snail kite, by James Neiger
Piping plover, by Michael Milicia
Atlantic puffins, by Nancy Elwood
Baltimore Oriole, by Alan Murphy
Great blue heron, by Robert Bakelaar
Barn owl, by Jerry Goffe
Least bittern, by Rebecca Holmes
Gunnison sage-grouse, by Noppadol Paothong