Native Plants

Native plants help support our birds throughout the year.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird at a butterflyweed. Photo: Dave Maslowski
A goldfinch perches on a sunflower holding a seed in its beak.
Find Native Plants For Your Area
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Bring birds to your home today by growing native plants. With Audubon's Native Plant Database, you can find the best plants for the birds in your area. Growing bird-friendly plants will attract and protect the birds you love while making your space beautiful, easy to care for, and better for the environment. Explore all of our native plant resources here, including our factsheets on creating a native plant garden and how it can save you moneyAnd, if you’re attracting birds using native plants, you will want to ensure that your space is bird-friendly in every way. Visit our Reducing Collisions page to learn more about protecting birds from collisions with glass.    


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Make Your Home More Bird-Friendly
Make Your Home More Bird-Friendly

From your windows to what plants you grow, there are many ways to make your sanctuary a safe place for avian visitors.

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