Previous Audubon Medal Awardees

First awarded in 1947, recipients have since included Walt Disney, Rachel Carson, Ted Turner, Edward O. Wilson, former President Jimmy Carter, and the Rockefeller family.

The Audubon Medal is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of conservation and environmental protection. Launched in 1947, the Medal is one of the highest honors in conservation. Only 57 people have received the honor in Audubon's 114-year history. Recipients have included Walt Disney, Rachel Carson, Ted Turner, Edward O. Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and the Rockefeller family.

Past Awardees

2019 Johnny Morris & Family
2018 Sir David Attenborough
2017 Frances Beinecke
2016 Paul Tudor Jones II
2015 Jack and Laura Dangermond
2014 Dan W. Lufkin
2013 Louis Bacon
2010 Donal C. O’Brien Jr.
2008 Richard Louv
2005 The Rockefeller Family
2004 Harriet Bullitt
2002 Edward H. Harte
2001 Michael P. Dombeck
2000 Chandler Robbins
1999 William Conway
1998 Julie Packard
1997 Hazel Wolf
1996 Dean James Parks Morton
1995 Edward O. Wilson
1994 The Honorable Jimmy Carter
1993 Chief Oren Lyons and Anita Roddick
1992 John H. Chafee
1991 Ted Turner
1990 Durward L. Allen
1989 Robert Redford
1988 President Oscar and First Lady Marguerita Arias
1987 Vladimir E. Flint
1986 John F. Seiberling
1985 Cecil D. Andrus
1984 Joseph J. Hickey
1983 Margaret Wentworth Owings
1982 C.R. “Pink” Gutermuth
1981 Richard H. Pough
1980 Margaret E. Murie
1979 Thomas L. Kimball
1978 Charles H. Callison
1977 Russell W. Peterson
1976 John B. Oakes
1975 Maurice F. Strong
1974 Tom McCall
1973 Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson, D.B.E.)
1971 Roger Tory Peterson
1969 Horace M. Albright
1968 Fairfield Osborn
1967 Stewart L. Udall
1966 A. Starker Leopold
1964 Laurance S. Rockefeller
1963 Rachel Carson
1962 William O. Douglas
1961 Clarence Cottam
1960 J.N. “Ding” Darling
1959 Olaus J. Murie
1956 Ludlow Griscom
1955 Walt Disney
1952 Louis Bromfield
1950 John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
1949 Ira N. Gabrielson
1947 Hugh H. Bennet