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Audubon's Priority Birds 2021

We work where we're needed most.

The sustained decline of North American bird populations is a conservation crisis. Since 1970 we've lost nearly three billion birds. Grassland birds are most affected, and more than 60 percent of grassland habitat and 159 million priority birds are simply gone, the greatest total loss of priority birds for any habitat type. Coastal birds have declined 48 percent, and birds that depend on rivers, wetlands, and those that migrate through towns and cities in spring and fall are also steadily declining.

Population losses at this scale require an unprecedented response. We are committed to protecting birds and the places they need. Our priority birds are species of conservation need representing the range of habitats and communities we work in. Keep reading to learn what the loss of nearly three billion birds means for us and the viability of our ecosystem, and what Audubon is doing to reverse these declines.

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