Audubon Climate Heroes

Meet Some of Baltimore's Youngest and Brightest Green Leaders

— With help from the Patterson Park Audubon Center, students in Baltimore are teaching their peers about issues surrounding climate change.

Barn Owls See a Housing Boom in Walla Walla, Washington

— Birders, inmates, winemakers, and farmers are installing nest boxes to boost bird-powered rodent control.
Artist Dustin Feider drew this baby Black-crowned Night Heron during Golden Gate Audubon Society's 2016 chalk art flash mob. Cindy Margulis

Three Fun Ways People Are Spreading the Word on Climate Change

— These offbeat projects are raising awareness about climate-threatened birds—and getting artsy in the process.
Kim Brand of Forsyth Audubon and Audubon North Carolina holds a Wood Thrush while visiting Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize. Andrea Desky/Climate Listening Project

Can A Little Bird's Big-Screen Debut Help Tackle Climate Change?

— A new video on Wood Thrush migration rallies activists in North Carolina and Belize.
Rosalie Howarth's yard in Walnut Creek, California attracts hosts of birds such as the climate-threatened House Finch. Hung Tran/Audubon Photography Awards

What One Success Story Reveals About Talking to Politicians on Birds and Climate

— A California volunteer is building bridges with her legislator on climate change and birds, even if they might not agree on every issue.
Bryand photographed this Great Gray Owl amid falling snow in the Sax Zim Bog of northern Minnesota, a habitat rich with wildlife such as owls, warblers, bobcats, and wildflowers. Monica Bryand

How Birding Can Lead To Climate Action

— Monica Bryand uses her kayak and camera to explore the climate-threatened birds of Minnesota and share this issue with new audiences.

Arkansas Kids Investigate Birds and Climate Change

— The students worked with Little Rock Audubon Center to report on global warming.
Visitors to Pickering Creek Audubon Center's display at the 2014 Waterfowl Festival made duck footprints instead of carbon footprints. Jaime Bunting/Audubon

Audubon Educators Go From a Local Waterfowl Festival to the White House

— Pickering Creek’s work to teach kids about climate change earned a moment in the spotlight.
Protesters gather outside of Portland's City Hall on November 4, 2015, showing support for a City Council vote to oppose fossil fuel transport through the city. Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa/AP

How One City Banned Fossil Fuels (Sort Of)

— Portland, Oregon, is leading the fight against climate change, one small city law at a time.
Volunteers removed invasive bush honeysuckle from Hueston Woods State Nature Preserve, an old-growth forest in Ohio that's home to warblers and other birds. Gail Reynolds/Audubon

Helping Birds, One Honeysuckle Bush and Statehouse Visit at a Time

— Audubon is fighting for climate-threatened birds in Ohio by cleaning up habitats and spreading the word about the threat.