Audubon Climate Heroes

Arkansas Kids Investigate Birds and Climate Change

The students worked with Little Rock Audubon Center to report on global warming.

Little Rock Audubon Center recently enlisted the help of 19 local students to create a video newscast about how climate change is affecting birds. The video, produced by filmmaker Gabe Gentry, is part of the center’s new display about how our warming climate threatens 152 species of birds in Arkansas (314 species total in North America).

The students featured as Very Junior Anchors and Very Junior Correspondents attend the Our Club after-school and summer program, held at Little Rock Audubon Center through a partnership with Pulaski County Youth Services. Uta Meyer, youth program manager for the center, says the majority of the center’s audience is elementary and middle school students, so the “for kids, by kids” newscast (excerpted below) gets their attention. The video and display encourage visitors to talk with their elected officials about climate change, provide habitat for birds by adding native plants to their yard, and save energy at home.

Meyer says that young viewers have been especially excited to see someone their age interviewing Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and State Senator Joyce Elliott, adding, “Zion, one of the anchors, tells me at least once a week that he wants to make another video.” You can watch the full-length newscast here.

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